“Adventure Painter” among Screen Australia grantees

Carver Films' Lister - Adventure Painter (pictured) and Mint Pictures' Waste Nation are among the 10 films set to receive AUD$2.54 million (US$1.91 million) in funding from Screen Australia's Documentary Producer and Documentary Broadcast programs.
July 27, 2016

Lister – Adventure Painter (pictured) and Waste Nation are among the 10 films set to receive AUD$2.54 million (US$1.91 million) in funding from Screen Australia’s Documentary Producer and Documentary Broadcast programs.

Carver Films’ Lister – Adventure Painter will provide insight into the life and mind of Australian-born contemporary painter and installation artist Anthony Lister. Eddie Martin is listed as director/producer with Sarah Shaw on board as producer.

Mint Pictures’ Waste Nation has also been granted funding by the program. The doc shadows social entrepreneur and activist Ronni Kahn as she attempts to end food waste in Australia. Dan Goldberg is set to direct alongside executive producers Simon Nasht and Adam Kay.

Another grantee, Sacred Song follows four generations of singers from the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir as they travel to Germany. The film is directed by Naina Sen for Brindle Films.

Homeward Bound, meanwhile, recounts the story of 78 female scientists as they embark on a journey to Antarctica to alter science’s gender inequality issue. Ili Bare directs with Greer Simpkin producing for Bunya Productions.

Last Chance Hotel Productions’ Father Joe & the Bangkok Slaughterhouse follows one man’s attempts to save a Bangkok slum from being bulldozed into mass development. James Lingwood produces and directs.

The tentatively titled Kimberly Project from Amnesia Productions looks to examine the Australian government’s controversial plan to close 150 remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia. Stephanie King produces alongside Nicholas Wrathall, who also serves as director.

Elsewhere, the Smith and Nasht- and Real to Reel Productions-made The Kingdom of Fungi reveals how fungi is essential to life on Earth. Simon Nasht and Anne Pick exec produce with Susan MacKinnon and Bill Spahic as producers. Annamaria Talas directs.

My Mother’s Lost Children, the 80-minute doc from Unicorn Films, offers insight into the lives of an eccentric Jewish family following the reappearance of two stolen children 40 years later. Lizzette Atkins and Rhian Skirving produce, Danny Ben-Moshe directs.

MAMIL, from Waterbyrd Filmz, pulls the curtain back on white-collar professionals who devote their time, money and energy to cycling by becoming MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra) on the weekend. Nickolas Bird produces, Eleanor Sharpe directs.

Meanwhile, a 3 x 51-minute social issue project from Blackfella Films has been awarded funding for the Documentary Broadcast program. The initiative is designed to support the production of projects for television broadcast that offer compelling vision and have an enduring cultural value. The currently untitled project will be produced by Darren Dale and Jacob Hickey.

Screen Australia serves as the Australian Federal Government’s key funding body for the Australian filmmaking industry and offers funding and resources to support development, production and marketing of Australian film.

More information on projects from this round of funding can be found here.

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