C4, Keo Films explore “The Polygamists”

The UK pubcaster will examine a group of fundamentalist Mormons living in the heart of the Utah desert in the four-part series (pictured).
August 22, 2016

Channel 4 is exploring the lives of a group of fundamentalist Mormons residing in the heart of the Utah desert in a four-part documentary.

Filmed over a one-year period by London-headquartered Keo Films, The Polygamists (working title; pictured) will provide unprecedented access into the everyday lives of 15 families practicing “plural marriage.”

The 4 x 60-minute docuseries will also set out to reveal how each family navigates the practical and emotional challenges of modern day polygamy while examining their values and beliefs.

The doc will explore the dos and don’ts of polygamy, from sleeping arrangements to the protocols of such special occasions as Valentine’s Day.

C4′s Anna Miralis and Amy Flanagan commissioned the series, which is exec produced by Keo Films’ William Anderson and Andrew Palmer. Vicky Mitchell serves as series producer, while Tanya Winston is series director.

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