History, Peter Berg salute vets with docuseries

Produced by Berg's Film 45, The Warfighters, will be a docuseries marathon event that will air on History to honor Veteran's Day in the U.S.
September 29, 2016

A+E Networks is taking to the trenches with director Peter Berg (pictured) to honor special forces vets.

On Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day in the U.S., History will air a four-hour marathon of its original docuseries The Warfighters, which Berg will executive produce and host alongside veteran Special Forces Green Beret Bert Kuntz. Kuntz is a fixture in Berg’s previously announced military-minded project with History, The Selection: Special Operations Experiment, which is set to premiere on the network Dec. 15.

Produced by Berg’s unscripted shingle Film 45, The Warfighters is unnarrated, propelled by first-person accounts, and chronicles recent U.S. Special Forces missions in the global “war on terror,” — the longest ongoing conflict in American history — while giving viewers an inside and candid look at the realities of war. Over 90 veterans participated in the series’  production. Each episode will includes interviews, action-packed cinematic sequences and real images and footage from actual operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stories featured include: “Objective Breton,” where a group of U.S. Army Rangers go after a jihadist network; “The Green Berets of 7115,” where a team of Special Forces are ambushed by Taliban fighters and have to battle their way back safety after a teammate is critically shot; “A Warrior’s Battle: The Story of Rob Guzzi,” the tale of a Navy SEAL whose platoon deploys in Iraq in 2006 and who, after facing an evil enemy and intense combat, is left with PTSD; and “Ambush of April 7th,” a day in 2004 on which a group of U.S. Marines were ambushed while on an operation near Fallujah, Iraq, but fought on to become one of the most decorated platoons for heroism in a single action.

The series will premiere on Friday, Nov. 11 with four back-to-back episodes. Alongside Berg, Matt Goldberg and Brandon Carroll are executive producing with co-executive producer Jenny Ewig. Former Navy SEAL Ray Mendoza and former Army Ranger Mike Baumgarten are serving as producers. Matthew Ginsburg, Russ McCarroll and Paul Cabana are executive producing for History. A+E Networks holds the worldwide distribution rights. Berg’s Film 45 is also producing The Selection: Special Operations Experiment. 



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