FYI adds nine unscripted originals to 2017 roster

A+E Network’s channel FYI will add nine new original unscripted series to its roster in 2017, as well as five returning seasons of programs. The channel’s slate focuses on three core ...
March 27, 2017

A+E Network’s channel FYI will add nine new original unscripted series to its roster in 2017, as well as five returning seasons of programs.

The channel’s slate focuses on three core lifestyle genres: food, relationships and home. The network’s young and affluent digital audience has grown triple digits across all platforms since January 2015, said FYI, in a statement.

Along with a roster of new shows, returning series include a second season of Food Porn and Tiny House Nation, hosted John Weisbarth for a fourth season. 

New shows like You Can’t Turn That Into a House and Prefabulous — which each tackle real estate trends — follow in the direction of the network’s hit show, Tiny House Nation, said Gena McCarthy, EVP of programming and development for FYI, in an interview with realscreen.

McCarthy said the new lineup of shows delivers on the network’s core lifestyle genres and of their core editorial theme, “alternative to mainstream approach to living and to lifestyle.”

“It’s these unique differentiated alternative approaches to living that are aspirational but attainable,” she said.

McCarthy added that FYI attracts an upscale audience — a definition based on household income of their viewership — skewed 60% female and 40% male.

“We know what works — it simply strikes a chord with our audience and [we're] very excited about these programs,” she said.

Over the coming months, FYI will announce programming premiere dates for its 2017 roster. Below are the titles of the new shows with descriptions courtesy of the network.

You Can’t Turn That Into a House - Missouri-based brothers Taimoor and Rehan Nana, along with their partner and architect Kyle Davis, use their out-of-the-box ingenuity and renovation skills to build amazing living spaces out of totally impossible locations. Whether it’s turning a rusted-out old silo into a high-rise one bedroom or transforming an old de-commissioned airplane into a home with wings, there is no job too extreme for this crew. You Can’t Turn That Into a House is produced by Red Arrow Industries

Stove Tots (pictured)The new show follows the next generation of cooking masters – young maestros of the kitchen – as they prepare and compete in cook-offs across the US. Each episode will feature a new group of culinary wunderkinds, along with their overbearing parents, as they prepare recipes, search for inspiration and deal with the pressures of competition. It all leads up to competition day, where three culinary phenoms will go head-to-head in a two-round elimination tournament. Stove Tots is produced by Collins Ave.

A Question of Love explores what happens when couples decide to take a major step in their relationship – moving in together. The series will follow three couples, all at different points in their relationship, who will ask each other a series of questions designed specifically to highlight the truth and the spaces between them. With guidance from relationship expert and certified dating coach, Damona Hoffman, these ‘questions of love’ give each person the permission to ask questions they may have never asked on their own. Over the next several weeks, viewers will watch as they cohabitate and see whether the revelations have helped or hurt their chances for a successful relationship. A Question of Love is produced by Noble Savages.

My So Called Simple Life follows three couples as they leave careers and material objects behind in pursuit of a simpler life. Living off-the-grid is a drastic change and their new lifestyle will test their relationships, unlike anything else before. Will these couples succeed or will their so-called simple way of life prove more difficult than they ever imagined? After several months of living off-the-grid, each couple will decide whether or not they want to continue with this new lifestyle or pack it in and go back to their old ways. Propagate Content produces My So Called Simple Life. 

In Man vs Master, unknown chefs working in the trenches of the food industry will compete for the opportunity of a lifetime – a coveted apprenticeship with a world-renowned celebrity chef – but in order to win, they will have to beat the master in a face-off first. In each episode, three new emerging chefs will go head-to-head in challenges related to a master chef’s specialty. After two intense rounds, only one chef will remain and face the same culinary icon whose dishes they have been emulating in a third and final challenge. A rotating roster of culinary masters will be featured throughout the series and Richard Blais, American chef, successful restauranteur and James Beard-nominated author, will serve as host. Man vs Master is produced by Kinetic Content

Prefabulous celebrates America’s next big trend in real estate, prefabricated homes. Pre-fab living has become the “new” American dream for homebuyers who want all things custom, at a reasonable price. No longer the generic pre-fab homes of yesteryear, architects and designers are building high-end, architecturally stunning, yet affordable fully customizable homes and getting it all done on a very short timeline. In each episode of the series, viewers will follow an individual or family as they embark on building their dream pre-fab home. Prefabulous is produced by Vox Entertainment

Sheffield Real Estate follows DeLeon Sheffield and her family as she manages her fast-growing real estate business in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, all while raising three rowdy young boys. Armed with the support of her husband, baseball legend Gary Sheffield, DeLeon helps upscale clients find their dream home. Her outspoken business partner and mother Debbie, lives with the family and helps rein in her grandsons when she’s not too busy reining in real estate deals. Pink Sneakers Productions produces Sheffield Real Estate.

Virtually Renovated - In this new series, the first of its kind, homeowners will collaborate with an expert team of high-end designers to renovate their home, with one major difference; the designers will present all of their designs in state-of-the-art virtual reality. Using the latest in Samsung VR technology, the homeowners will walk through the designs, choosing the one they feel is best. Along the way, viewers can follow along with their own VR goggles, experiencing the design process and the renovation as if they were right there. Will the final reveal be everything the homeowners dreamed, or will they be disappointed once the virtual becomes reality? Virtually Renovated is produced by INvelop Entertainment

In Hunting Abroad, viewers will follow along as a family or a couple prepare to make the ultimate move. With the help of an international real estate expert, they will visit a stunning international city, and tour three breathtaking and unique properties. The potential homeowners will dive deep into what it’s like to live there – speaking with current residents and experiencing neighborhoods first hand. From a beachfront neighborhood teeming with bohemian shops and vegetarian cuisine to a quiet cottage with the best coffee in town, each prospective homeowner will talk the talk and walk the walk with the locals to figure out which neighborhood best fits their lifestyle. Ultimately, they’ll make their decision, choosing the perfect home, and lifestyle, for them. Hunting Abroad is produced by The Cartel.

Returning seasons of shows include Tiny House Nation, Food Porn, Zombie House Flipping, My Floating Home and Tiny House Hunting.

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