Exclusive: Discovery alums launch “premium grit” unscripted prodco Flying Scoop

Veteran Discovery Networks producers Mark Finkelpearl and Nate Starck have joined forces to launch Flying Scoop Media and Entertainment, a prodco specializing in “premium grit” unscripted fare. The new outfit seeks to provide ...
July 15, 2019

Veteran Discovery Networks producers Mark Finkelpearl and Nate Starck have joined forces to launch Flying Scoop Media and Entertainment, a prodco specializing in “premium grit” unscripted fare.

The new outfit seeks to provide viewers with access into edgy, hidden worlds using blue-chip storytelling, character development and high production value.

Finkelpearl (pictured, right) and Starck (left) will both serve as partners and executive producers at Flying Scoop.

The producers have worked, between the two of them, at Discovery, GRB, A&E, TLC, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Bravo, Travel Channel and more.

“We’re passionate about finding amazing people doing incredible things and crafting their lives into stories no writer could script,” said Finkelpearl in a statement. “Our current slate and our development docket reflect our zest for doing so. Flying Scoop is always on the hunt for the best non-fiction entertainment on the planet.”

“What drives our passion is capturing the magic in real-life moments — the realness, the spontaneity, the authenticity, the lightning — and crafting a story around that,” added Starck. “The result is storytelling magic. We create content for people who want shows that are entertaining, real and have a lot of heart. That’s where ‘premium grit’ comes into play.”

Their first commission is the eight-part series Fastest Cars in the Dirty South for Motor Trend (formally Velocity).

The show, now available on the MotorTrend app, explores the world of grudge racing in and around Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It follows a team who come up with innovative racing games wrapped in car builds to win cash prizes.

Their current slate includes the following upcoming titles (with synopses provided by Flying Scoop):

Grudge Storeys: Grudge racing (modern day drag racing) in Alabama is nearly a blood sport. And Malcolm Storey is not only its referee; he’s the judge, jury, sheriff and bailiff, in his neck of the woods. Everyone looks to this racing promoter to keep the cars — and their drivers — on the straight and narrow.

Race Car Repo: Big Jim Howe and his team, including his wife Amanda, are next-generation bounty hunters in their corner of East Tennessee. Sure, they bust locals on the lam. But Big Jim is drag racer in his spare time and he’s made a business out of finding stolen and derelict race cars. His motto is “Fast Cars, Big Bounty.”

Hip Hop Medium: You don’t think Biggie Smalls has a message for you? Think again! Drop into the world of Satin Latimer, a spirit medium for the hip hop generation.

Paranormal Power Couple: Pamela Theresa doesn’t just talk to dead people, she sees them and hears them too! Her partner, Steve Christian, a renowned ghost hunter from Jacksonville, Florida, records all the action. Meet a team that’s closer to proving, more than anyone ever before, that life after death is real.

Impact!: Stuck in a rut at life’s bottom? You need a kick in the ass from motivational guru Dr. Rick Rigsby. Rick broke the internet when his viral video, Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout was seen 200 million times. Now he brings his wicked motivational skills to TV.

Surviving The Storm: Weather porn on steroids. What does it take to be America’s #1 storm chaser? This series dives deep into the survival process the country’s most successful storm hunters, who run head first into countless killer hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, blizzards, and lava flows.

Beverly Hills Brat: What do you do when you’re 17 and a $5,000 per month allowance isn’t enough? Follow enormously popular YouTube and IG sensation Nicolette Gray and her sister Blair, who are left to fend for themselves on Rodeo Drive, while their working mother provides an unlimited stream of platinum card credit. An over-the-top look at single-motherhood in America today.

Updated at 2:35 p.m. to reflect new Fastest Cars in the Dirty South release information.

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