CMF invests $22.6M toward docs, TV and digital media projects

The funds will be distributed to 44 projects through the Aboriginal, English POV and Experimental Stream Innovation programs.
August 16, 2019

The Canada Media Fund has revealed the 44 projects, ranging from docuseries and kids programming to VR games, to receive a total of CA$22.6 million in funds.

Of the $22.6 million, $9.4 million will go toward 10 projects in the Experimental Stream Innovation Program, $7.7 million will go to 17 projects under the Aboriginal Program, with another 17 projects sharing $5.5 million through the English POV Program.

Among the 10 media projects to receive CMF funds is Cream Productions’ Oak AR ($1,005,000), produced by its digital team, and Red Meat Games’ Sentience ($1,188,308). The games that will receive funding include Interim Studio’s Été ($666,582); Ululab’s Math Time ($911,180); Cococucumber’s Ravenlok ($802,500); ManaVoid Entertainment’s Steamboat Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan ($1,134,600); Studio Affordance’s Windigo ($1,131,155); Studio Trébuchet’s Winds & Leaves ($1,060,000); and Sunday Gold ($1,086,057). Rounding out the projects is VR production Enter the Dust ($403,715). Projects selected for the Experimental Stream Innovation Program are projects deemed interactive and leading-edge.

Of the projects selected for the Aboriginal Program, which awards funds to Indigenous-led productions, 10 are documentaries, four are children’s and youth projects and three are drama series.

Among the 10 documentaries funded under the English POV program is Rezolution Pictures’ Lands Enchanted ($550,000), with APTN attached as the broadcaster. APTN is also the broadcaster for season three of Sagacious Media’s Red Earth Uncovered ($550,000); season three of Nish Media’s Skindigenous ($550,000); Wakan Productions’ Star People ($79,796); season two of 13 Indigenous Artists ($550,000); season three of Manito Média’s Au pays des Mitchifs (“Mitchif Country”; $465,300); season two of Merchants of the Wild ($550,000); and season two of Kassiwi Média’s Policier autochtone ($178,869), with Radio-Canada also attached. Rounding out the docs are Spirit to Soar ($250,294), which CBC attached as broadcaster, and Kingulliit Productions’ Qanuqtaima (What Now?) ($550,000), attached to Nunavut Independent Television Network.

The four children’s and youth programs to receive funding include two projects from Taqqut Productions: Aakuluk ($128,489) and season three of Anaana’s Tent ($550,000), broadcast by Nunavut Independent Television Network and APTN, respectively. APTN is also attached to the remaining two projects, Dreamcatchers ($750,000) and season three of Mama-OO Pictures’ Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show ($479,438).

The three dramas include Night Raiders East production Night Raiders ($750,000), with Bell Media and CBC attached. CBC is also attached as a broadcaster to Young Daughter Films’ Wildhood ($372,526), while TVO is attached to Unsettled First production Unsettled ($398,685).

All of the projects selected under the English POV Program are documentaries. Among the recipients in this funding around are White Pine Pictures’ Unloved ($367,990) and Sienna Films’ One of Ours ($368,212).

Other projects include Fathom Film Group’s A.I. Gods ($289,637); Innov8r Entertainment’s Artifact ($370,457); Peep Media’s Bernie Langille Wants to Know Who Killed Bernie Langille ($367,990); Third Culture Media’s Black Zombie ($389,384); Tortuga Films Productions’ Colour of the Wind ($399,912); Frequent Flyer Films’ Cynara ($400,000); Keller Media’s Love, The Last Chapter ($100,000); Storyline Entertaiment’s Queen of the Deuce ($138,747) and The Face of Anonymous ($299,214); H2LScrap’s Scrap ($400,000); Galafilm Productions’ The Ghosts of Afghanistan: Canada and the War on Terror ($400,000); Les Productions Catbird’s The Invisible Everywhere ($385,157) and The Jackie Robinson Myth ($368,294); Team Indigenous ($114,695); and Primitive Entertainment’s The Yes Men Build A Wall ($367,500).

Since 2010, 157 Indigenous-led projects have received more than $67.9 million in funding under the Aboriginal Program, 352 digital media projects have received $211 million under the Experimental Stream Innovation Program and 147 projects have received $38 million under the English POV Program, according to the CMF.

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From Playback Daily. Written by Kelly Townsend.

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