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Banyan Productions brings new life to old homes with Renovations.
March 1, 2001

Let’s face it, we’re all voyeurs at heart. For some, the fascination lies in observing human relations. For others, it’s home renovations. To satisfy the curiosity of all those viewers interested in the walls themselves rather than what’s going on behind them, Philadelphia, U.S.-based Banyan Productions is helming a 13 x 30-minute series called Renovations.

The focus of the show is classic American homes that appear past their prime, but hold great potential beneath their weathered exteriors. Running counter to the modern impulse to tear down and construct anew, Renovations plans to celebrate the original design and construction of these houses while demonstrating how to give them new life.

Each home will be profiled over the course of two or three episodes and will feature several projects going on simultaneously, from room additions to stairwell renovations. The initial episode for each home will introduce the projects being undertaken and the start of the work. The subsequent episodes will follow the renovations to completion, including the problems and solutions encountered by contractors along the way.

Banyan has signed native Australian Barte Shadlow to host Renovations. Home and Garden Television is already on board for the US$400,000-$450,000 series. Production starts in March and is expected to run through September, with a premiere set for the fall.

Banyan Productions also recently announced that Karen Stein Solomon has been named executive producer of epicurious, a series that airs on the Discovery Channel.

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