The Viewer Files: The history viewer

The history viewer
November 1, 2006

The history viewer
Age range: 35-plus (72%)
Average age: 47
Sex: 60% male
Marital status: 61% are married.
Kids: 34% have them living at home.
Education: 41% have a college diploma, bachelor’s degree or graduate degree.
Typical job: 25% are managers/owners/professionals, while 45% are retired.
Income: US$30,090 (theirs); $59,880 (household)
Viewing habits: They are medium to heavy TV viewers. They tend to watch during primetime (90%), but also watch in daytime (56%) and early fringe (66%).
Major purchases: 32% have bought a mutual fund, 29% have redecorated, and 25% have remodeled their homes.
Other media consumption: They are medium-heavy to heavy radio listeners and, similar to our other viewers, tune in during breakfast (68%) and on their drive (53%). But 45% also listen in the daytime. They like classic rock (44%), oldies (37%), adult contemporary (30%) and all-news (30%).
They are heavy readers of daily newspapers (45% read every day) and tend to stick to the general news section (62%), as well as entertainment (39%), editorial (33%) and comics (30%). They are medium-heavy to heavy magazine readers, and like newsweeklies, National Geographic, and gardening pubs.
They spend an average of 9.3 hours a week online, where they email (55%), browse for info (45%), entertainment (30%), and visit travel sites (16%). They also check out real estate (10%) and books/cds (13%).
Favorite shows: The history viewer likes news (68%), as well as CSI (44%) and Law & Order (44%). They also like their sports (44%).

Not surprisingly, the history viewer is open to nature shows – anything where he can learn something is likely to turn him on. He watches news on a regular basis, and sports is also a draw. But you need to keep it real – and reality and lifestyle programming doesn’t fit the definition. He’d rather read the newspaper.

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