3 top resolutions for the new year

Fenton Bailey, Managing Director, World of Wonder [us]
January 1, 2008

Fenton Bailey
Managing Director, World of Wonder [US]

My new year’s resolutions are to stop fiddling around on Facebook; The 4-Hour Workweek: I’ve read the book, now I want to live it; and to come up with a really good idea for a kids’ TV show.

Danny Fenton
Managing Director, Zig Zag Productions [UK]

I plan to plan more. You’re never going to achieve your goals for 2008 without a route map, are you? I plan to work harder in pursuit of that Holy Grail international hit idea, and if I don’t come up with it I’ll have to work a little harder. I plan not to work so hard that I don’t get to relax and spend quality time with my family. It’s only TV after all… but I like it!

Chantal Rutherford Browne
Head of Programming, Mediaedge [UK]

For me, 2008 is going to be all about being kinder to myself and others. My waist isn’t as small as it should be, my spending – like a slightly lumpy panty girdle – never quite gets under control, and as for my smoking, let’s just say that goes up in smoke every January. So my first resolution is to stop obsessing about self-improvement. Second resolution: to make the world a better place. I will turn off all unnecessary lights at home and recycle more (especially all those dreadful self-help books). Finally, I will stop criticizing other women. I will no longer laugh at the ridiculous antics of Britney Spears (but will send her a book on parenting skills), and I will not mock Paris Hilton’s criminal record, which has more bookings than one of her hotels.

Rob Sharenow
Senior vp, A&E Network [US]

First, I resolve to develop some new non-fiction franchises to go along with our current stable of Intervention, First 48, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Criss Angel Mindfreak and Paranormal State (sorry – I know that was a shameless plug for the network). Second, I resolve to shamelessly plug the network more often. Third, I resolve to eat less beef jerky. (That one may be the toughest.)

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