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Mip TV Picks 2008: Seeds of Summer

At 18, Israeli girls undergo an experience that colors them for the rest of their life.
March 31, 2008

At 18, Israeli girls undergo an experience that colors them for the rest of their life. Plucked from the relative shelter of their family life, they are required to enter the Israel Defense Forces and undergo military training, a process which turns them from young girls into soldiers.

But as the IDF creates combat soldiers out of young girls, more personal transformations are also undertaken. And for some, like director Hen Lasker, that transformation is life altering. The IDF was the place she fell in love for the first time – with her female commanding officer.

Seeds of Summer follows girls for 66 days and nights as they take part in the course, and examines the intimate relationships that form there, raising questions about ‘identity, sexuality and the discovery of femininity,’ says the director. Partners: Eden Productions, with ITVS International (US), SBS (Australia), YLE (Finland), Humanist TV (Netherlands), The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV, Reshet (Israel). Seeds is being distributed by Cinephil (Tel Aviv)
Wrapped: February
Length: 52/63 minutes (Hebrew with English subtitles)
Rights available: All, excluding TV rights in Australia, Finland, the Netherlands and the US

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