Fall TV Preview: Bravo

Last year, Bravo announced a third night of original programming at its upfronts. This year it's adding a fourth.
August 1, 2008

Last year, Bravo announced a third night of original programming at its upfronts. This year it’s adding a fourth.

Bravo is expanding. The channel has 45% more originals than ever before. According to SVP of program strategy and acquisitions, Jerry Leo, it’s building a ritual with its shows by stacking similar programs together on set nights and often premiering new series on the same night another series ends. Monday and Tuesday nights are the docuseries evenings, featuring originals such as the Real Housewives franchise. Wednesday and Thursday focus on what Leo calls ‘creative competition shows’ such as Project Runway.

Talking about returning series Top Design and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, Leo says they are examples of bullseyes for the Bravo audience because they fit perfectly into the five affinity groups Bravo targets: food, fashion, beauty, pop culture and design.

However the cornerstones of Bravo’s programming are Top Chef and the Real Housewives franchise, says Leo. This fall the latter heads south for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. ‘All our shows have upscale, urban, younger audience appeal and that city felt perfect,’ says Leo. ‘It’s the Gotham City of the south.’

Where it airs: 83 million homes
Hours on air: 24/7
Non-fiction programmer: Jerry Leo, SVP of program strategy and acquisitions
Send pitches to: Cori Abraham, VP of development and original programming
Upcoming shows to watch for: Top Design 2, The Rachel Zoe Project, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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