Wildscreen releases outline of this year’s fest

The Wildscreen Festival, the Bristol-based event dedicated to wildlife and the environment, has released details of this year's edition, taking place October 10 to 15.
August 16, 2010

The Wildscreen Festival, the Bristol-based event dedicated to wildlife and the environment, has released details of this year’s edition, taking place October 10 to 15.

The event kicks off with workshops, a Masterclass on storytelling and a deeper look at the NHU Africa/Animal Planet copro Into the Dragon’s Lair, before the grand opening event takes place, in which leading filmmakers talk about their most shocking moments and how they ‘got the shot.’

The second day of the event brings the Movers & Shakers session, in which network heads and commissioning editors give insight into commissioning opportunities. Discovery Channel president and GM Clark Bunting will also discuss 25 years of Discovery, while in the afternoon, Wildscreen celebrates the BBC’s longest-running nature doc series, Natural World.

On Tuesday, the festival features ‘Outside the Box,’ a panel that explores new ways to fund, shoot and distribute films that broadcasters are reluctant to air, and a masterclass on the ethics of wildlife filmmaking will also take place. The day will also hold the Sir Peter Scott Debate, a keynote event held in honor of Wildscreen’s co-founder, Sir Peter Scott.

On October 13, sessions will be held on the tapeless workflow environment, a user’s guide to 3D and a screening and analysis of Monkey Thieves: Searching for Sanctuary.

On Wednesday evening, the Gala Panda Awards ceremony will take place and the winners of Wildscreen’s film competition will be named. The awards will be hosted by Kate Silverton and Benedict Allen.

On Thursday, Wildscreen will offer sessions on how to make social networking work for you, as well as Wildscreen’s Got Talent and a screening and discussion on Life, the BBC/Discovery nature doc series.

The last day of the fest will offer delegates the chance to watch all of the Panda Award-winning films in the cinemas or at Wildscreen’s film library.

Social gatherings during the fest will include Monday night’s Parthenon Party, sponsored by Parthenon Entertainment, and Thursday night’s wrap party. For more information on the program, click here.

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