Boutique TV rebrands as Thinkfactory Media

Los Angeles-based producer Leslie Greif has rebranded his prodco and added an exec to its management structure.
February 1, 2011

Los Angeles-based producer Leslie Greif has rechristened his production company and added an exec to the management structure. The new handle for the prodco, formerly Boutique TV, is Thinkfactory Media.

The company, headed by Greif with his producing partner of six years, Adam Reed, is behind the A&E hit Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which the prodco says has been picked up for season six. Adam Freeman, who has overseen production for the Simmons docu-soap, officially joins the management of Thinkfactory Media as exec producer.

The company will relaunch with four divisions: Thinkfactory Unscripted, Thinkfactory Scripted, Thinkfactory Branded, and Thinkfactory Films. The company says it will be rolling out four new unscripted series, a hybrid project and a miniseries in the next few months ahead, among other projects.

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