Explora Films brings “The Lady of Cao” to Sunny Side

Madrid-based production company Explora Films is in La Rochelle, France with new documentaries, The Celtic Legacy (pictured), The Water Factor and new project The Lady of Cao.
June 21, 2011

Madrid-based production company Explora Films has brought three doc projects to Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, France: The Celtic Legacy (pictured), The Water Factor and new project The Lady of Cao.

The Lady of Cao tells the story of the Mommy of Cao, the first female ruler found in Peru in pre-colonial times. Using re-enactments, 3D images and interviews with experts and researchers, the doc reveals the character of the Mommy of Cao and details how her discovery changed previous theories about the Moche civilization.

The doc was developed with the support of the European MEDIA Programme and is coproduced by RTVE (Radio Television Española), the Wiese Foundation and the support of the Peruvian government.

Completed Explora productions include José Manuel Novoa’s The Celtic Legacy, premiering at Sunny Side. The film, a coproduction with TVE and Canal Historia and with the cooperation of Fundacion Ciudade da Cultura de Galicia and Xunta de Galicia, goes back in time to the Megalithic Era, focusing on the discovery of the Galican Castros culture.

Other projects include India, the Pilgrims of the Ganges, which sees the most crowded pilgrimage on the planet in the North of India, and The Water Factor, which deals with communities across five continents, whose lives depend on access to water.

Sunny Side of the Doc runs from June 21 to 24.

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