FCCE opens doors on LA office

Amsterdam-based distribution company FCCE has expanded into the U.S. with the addition of an LA office, headed up by co-owner and CEO Rene Mioch (pictured).
December 11, 2012

Amsterdam-based distribution company FCCE has expanded into the U.S. with the addition of an LA office, headed up by co-owner and CEO Rene Mioch (pictured).

The new office will be a production hub for its catalog of entertainment series including Films & Stars, Hollywood Buzz, Action Zone and Kids Flix. In addition, the office will be responsible for the roll-out of The Entertainment Experience in the U.S., which is a user-generated talent search project that will result in two films.

“Opening an office in LA was just a matter of time and focus,” said FCCE’s chief executive officer Rene Mioch. “After establishing a very strong portfolio of weekly shows, which are distributed around the world, we feel we can serve the industry even better.”

FCCE’s chief commercial officer Justus A.G. Verkerk added: “This has also changed FCCE’s focus. We create communities based on a shared interest. Context, continuity, loyalty and interaction are all crucial ingredients of a successful platform, but the LA office will bring the most important one: content.”

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