Nat Geo to follow “Walk Around the World”

The Westward Productions special follows former British paratrooper Karl Bushby as he walks across the United States, as part of a 20-year, 36,000-mile walk around the world.
August 15, 2014

National Geographic Channel is to follow a British paratrooper embarking on an ambitious walk across the globe, in its upcoming special The Walk Around the World (working title).

The special, to be made by Westward Productions, will follow Karl Bushby on one leg of his 20-year journey, in which he treks across the U.S. from Los Angeles to Washington DC, where he plans to visit the Russian Embassy to have his visa renewed.

Thus far, Bushby has traversed the southern tip of South America, and walked through Central America and North America and into Russia, completing the first documented on-foot crossing of the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russia. But after a trek through the Siberian tundra, the Russian government placed a five year visa ban on Bushby, which he hopes to have lifted on September 10 following his visit to the Embassy.

For Westward Productions, the executive producers are Beau Willimon (writer and producer of Netflix series House of Cards) and Jordan Tappis (director, producer and founder of Record Collection Music). The producer is Zach Guglin. For National Geographic Channel, the exec producer is Kathleen Cromley.

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