BBC1 orders “Prized Apart” for Saturday slot

UK pubcaster BBC1 has commissioned a six-episode, Saturday night entertainment series, to be exec produced by Electric Ray's MDs Karl Warner (pictured) and Meredith Chambers.
August 18, 2014

UK pubcaster BBC1 has commissioned a six-episode, Saturday night entertainment series from Electric Ray.

The tentatively titledĀ Prized Apart sees 10 men and women vying for a “life-changing prize” as they battle it out in a series of challenging scenarios. As they compete, loved ones at home will play a deciding role in the game’s outcome.

The series was commissioned by BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore and exec produced by Electric Ray’s managing directors Karl Warner (pictured above) and Meredith Chambers

The challenges will test contestants’ “mental strength, courage and endurance,” with stunts designed by an adrenaline sports experts. Each week, the bottom-placed adventurers will be flown back to a studio in Britain, where their loved ones are waiting. If those partners, facing off against other partners, win a round of questions, then the adventurers will head back on the plane to the next round of challenges. One team will be eliminated on a weekly basis.

Electric Ray is a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television.

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