Deadline for MIPTV Picks submissions extended

Those hoping to submit clips for our upcoming MIPTV Picks feature, spotlighting realscreen's picks for hot projects coming to Cannes, have until February 26. (Pictured: last year's Best in Show, #chicagogirl)
February 20, 2015

Those hoping to submit clips for realscreen‘s upcoming MIPTV Picks feature, spotlighting our editorial team’s picks for hot projects coming to Cannes, now have until February 26.

Realscreen is asking for online clip submissions in six categories:

• Factual Entertainment/Unscripted

• History

• Lifestyle

• Music, Arts & Culture

• Political, Social & Religious

• Science & Nature

Upload your new clips (around five to eight minutes in length at the most, but one- to two-minute trailers are fine as well), and our editorial panel will select the best of the submissions to feature in our upcoming MIPTV issue and on The clip the panel ranks highest will be named Best in Show. (Pictured: last year’s Best in Show, #chicagogirl)

Certain rules apply:

i) Clips must be submitted through the realscreen site ( – to the attention of Barry Walsh) on or before Thursday, February 26, 2015. In the ‘Instructions’ box, please include some background on the project (production company partners; distributor/distributors; rights available; broadcasters, if any). (Ignore the ‘Advertiser’ box.);

ii) Clips must be from new projects coming to MIP for the first time in filmed form (projects previously pitched are acceptable, providing filming had not wrapped previous to MIPCOM 2014);

iii) Up to two (2) clips may be submitted from any one production company;

iv) Format suggestions: QuickTime, WMV and FLV files are accepted, as well as links to projects housed on other platforms (Vimeo, YouTube, et cetera). If sending links, please include them in the ‘Instructions’ box. Uploaded content should not exceed the file size of 50-75 MB per clip.

In lieu of uploaded clips, links to clips for projects hosted on other sites can also be submitted via email to or via the upload link above.

Thanks and good luck.

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