TCB sends “Where You Came From” to Belgium

London-based distributor TCB Media Rights has secured its first format license deal with the sale of CJZ's immigration-themed format Go Back to Where You Came From (pictured) to SBS Belgium's Vier channel.
March 12, 2015

London-based distributor TCB Media Rights has secured its first format license deal with the sale of immigration-themed format Go Back to Where You Came From (pictured) to SBS Belgium’s Vier channel.

The show – which originally aired on SBS Australia and was a realscreen MIPTV Pick in 2012 – sees six people with strong views on asylum seekers agree to challenge their beliefs by traveling to destinations around the world to meet refugees and experience the conditions that drive people out of their homes and countries.

Vier has licensed the format for a version that is to be produced with Flemish prodco Woestijnvis.

Meanwhile, the format has been optioned across Europe with Red Arrow-owned Snowman taking Go Back for Norway, Gimmeyawallet Productions picking up the show for Finland, and further acquisitions by Zodiak’s Jarowskij Enterprises for Sweden and FremantleMedia for France.

The format has also been produced for Denmark’s TV2, the Netherlands’ NPO2 and Germany’s ZDF.

The SBS Belgium deal for the Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder-produced format was brokered by Anna Budashevskaya, TCB Media Rights’ sales and acquistions manager for the Nordic territories, Benelux and Central and Eastern Europe.

“Anna has once again done an amazing job by bringing us our first format licence deal and is therefore a significant step for TCB,” said Paul Heaney, CEO of TCB Media Rights, in a statement. “Go Back To Where You Came From has growing topical relevance in today’s world and with plenty of option deals on the table we fully expect this is to be the first of many.”

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