Discovery swings into survival series “American Tarzan”

The U.S. network is diving deep into the jungle for its latest survival series, set to debut in July.
June 15, 2016

U.S. network Discovery Channel is diving deep into the jungle for its latest survival series, American Tarzan (pictured).

Produced by Sharp Entertainment, the series will feature seven competitors as they encounter difficult conditions across four distinct terrains, relying solely on their survival skills, basic tools and mental fortitude.

Participants will kayak through open water to reach the island of Dominica to experience similar conditions faced by early inhabitants in centuries past. They will be challenged with navigating through natural obstacles in dense jungles, raging rivers and coastlines, mountainous terrain and canyons while foraging for food in order to sustain themselves over the weeks-long journey of becoming the ‘American Tarzan.’

Contestants include personal trainer Brandon Morrison; timber sports athlete Derek Knutson; ER nurse Kim Liszka; bartender Maria Herrera; stay at home dad Tim Olsen; security contractor Tim Reames; and small business owner Jeremy Guarino.

Sharp Entertainment’s Matt Sharp and Dan Adler serve as executive producers, alongside Discovery Channel’s Joseph Boyle and Kyle Wheeler.

American Tarzan premieres on July 6 at 10 p.m. EST/PST across Discovery Channel.

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