DRG launches crime catalog genre with new acquisitions

The UK-based independent distributor has acquired the rights to three crime docs, Murderers And Their Mothers, Interview with a Murderer and Murder in Melbourne, which it will use to spearhead the launch of a new crime genre in its catalog at MIPCOM 2016.
September 6, 2016

UK-based Independent distributor DRG has acquired the rights to three killer factual crime titles, which it will use to spearhead the launch of a new crime genre in its catalog at MIPCOM 2016.

Interview with a Murderer, (3 x 60 / 1 x 90) is produced by ITN Productions for Channel 4. The series features criminologist Professor David Wilson (pictured right) conducting interviews with convicted murderer Bert Spencer (pictured left), a man involved in one of Britain’s infamous unsolved murder cases. Although never charged, Spencer is suspected of killing newspaper delivery boy Carl Bridgewater in 1978, though he has always denied it. Wilson reexamines the evidence surrounding the murder, obtains a retraction from Spencer’s alibi as well as his ex-wife, and after many hours in his company, presents his findings and impressions of Spencer directly to him.

Murder in Melbourne (1 x 60) examines the killings of three Irish nationals who were living in Melbourne in 2012 and 2013. The doc delves into their stories in detail, along with interviews with family members, telling a story of ordinary families coping with devastating loss and the difficult journey to get just for their loved ones. The doc also delves into the failings of the Victoria parole system.

Finally, Murderers And Their Mothers is a 10 x 60-episode series produced by Emporium Productions for CBS Reality and Foxtel and hosted by crime journalist Donal MacIntyre. Each episode investigates a high-profile serial killer and, with help from criminologists, psychologists and first-hand witnesses, McIntyre will step back into each murder’s childhood to reveal the part their mothers played in turning them into killers. The fist six episodes aired on CBS Reality in the spring. 

The three new acquisitions will join other DRG crime-related titles in its new catalog genre, including Internet Troll Hunters and Killer Instinct.

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