Smithsonian Earth breathes life into “Jago”

The standalone SVOD service from Smithsonian Networks has added James Reed's 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Grand Teton Award-winning Jago: A Life Underwater to its roster.
September 23, 2016

Smithsonian Earth, the standalone SVOD service from Smithsonian Networks, has added the 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival top prizewinner to its roster.

Jago: A Life Underwater (pictured) chronicles the life story of Rohani – an 80 year-old hunter based along the Sulawesi Sea in Indonesia who “hobbles around on land” but is able to dive to great depths for several minutes to stalk his prey for his catch.

In addition, the hour-long, 4K-shot film utilizes recreations of Rohani’s memories of the island and its surrounding waters to offer an intimate glimpse into the culture of the Bajau people of Indonesia.

Directed by James Reed, the film was produced by Underdog Films, in association with James Morgan Films, Fantomline Pictures and Vistaar Productions. It has been made available on the digital platform beginning Sept. 22.

Jago: A Life Underwater was the recipient of the 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Grand Teton Award, the Special Jury Award at the 2016 New York Wild Film Festival, and also acquired five nominations for the 2016 Panda Awards at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol, England.

Smithsonian Earth launched last year as an ad-free, standalone subscription video streaming service aimed at delivering original nature and wildlife content.

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