Wide-Eyed marks U.S. Civil War’s 150th with NGC series

National Geographic Channel is marking the American Civil War with a three-part series from Wide-Eyed Entertainment and an Abraham Lincoln assassination special.
March 24, 2011

As many networks gear up to mark the anniversary of the American Civil War, National Geographic Channel has revealed two nights of event programming: Civil Warriors from Wide-Eyed Entertainment (WEE), and an Abraham Lincoln assassination special.

Billed as a modern day mini-series, the Wide-Eyed produced three-part one-hour series airing on April 11 follows 11 Civil War descendants — including a relative of Frederick Douglass — as they search for insights into their ancestors’ experiences.  The ancestors profiled represent all sides of the Civil War, with a Union and a Confederate private, a doctor, one of the first black soldiers, a slave and a nurse from New York.

David McNab, creative director at WEE said: “By taking modern Americans on a journey into their ancestors’ war, this series brings a freshness and relevance to this crucial period of American history. Animating contemporary photographs has the remarkable effect of telescoping time, drawing history closer to the modern viewer.”

National Geographic Channel will also air The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln the following night, a companion documentary to an upcoming Robert Redford-directed film on the subject.

The special takes viewers through the aftermath of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the story of Mary Surratt, one of several convicted and executed for the president’s assassination.

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