Pianists and pooches in Electric Sky’s MIP slate

Classical pianists, passionate foodies and doggie moms are all coming to the Croisette thanks to the Brighton-based distributor.
March 31, 2011

Classical pianists, passionate foodies and doggie moms all factor into UK distributor Electric Sky’s MIPTV slate.

From Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productions comes the seven-part series James Rhodes: Piano Man, which showcases the UK’s classical piano sensation Rhodes, spiced up with animation from the designers for The Mighty Boosh.

Dream Lives for Sale (8 x 48 minutes), produced by Freeform Productions for Sky1, follows ordinary people as they gain the opportunity to buy dream business abroad.

The cooking genre is represented with travelog Gary Rhodes and Ann Thorpe in New Zealand (1 x 60 minutes) by KM Media for TVNZ and Living New Zealand; My Cypriot Kitchen (10 x 22 minutes) and My Greek Kitchen (15 x 22 minutes) from Isis Media for Discovery UK; and Flavours for Life (6 x 60 minutes) by Filmat36 in association with the MDA.

From the U.S. comes Doggie Moms (6 x 30 minutes), produced by Next Millennium Productions for NYCTV and focusing on five New York City women whose lives revolve around their four-legged friends.

Kauffman Productions in Australia supplies the underwater wildlife special Project Manta (1 x 52 minutes), and Xtreme Productions’ Design Superheroes (6 x 30 minutes) rounds out the slate.

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