BAFTA unveils TV nominations

Notable British factual programs such as Welcome to Lagos, One Born Every Minute and Flying Monsters 3D have made the cut for this year's BAFTA television award nominees.
April 26, 2011

Welcome to Lagos, Flying Monsters 3D and Kim Longinotto’s Pink Saris are among the non-fiction/factual nominees for the 2011 British Academy Television Awards, to be held May 22.

In the non-fiction and factual categories (factual series, specialist factual, single documentary, features and current affairs), BBC programs racked up 10 nominations in total, while Channel 4 and/or More 4 programming received eight nominations and Sky programs were nominated in two categories. The entertainment category was split between two nominations for the BBC and two for ITV.

The list is notable for the appearance of the first 3D nominee: the David Attenborough vehicle Flying Monsters 3D from Atlantic Productions for Sky 3D. However, it’s also notable for one conspicuous omission. Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is absent from the main list of nominees, but is a nominee for the YouTube Audience Award, voted on by members of the public.

Non-fiction and factual entertainment nominees for the 2011 British Academy Television Awards are as follows:

Factual Series


Channel 4/ Blast

One Born Every Minute

Channel 4/Dragonfly Film and Television

Welcome to Lagos

(Will Anderson, Gavin Searle, Chris King, Andrew Palmer)

BBC Two/Keo North

The Young Ones

(Leanne Klein, Tom McDonald, Michael Jochnowitz)

BBC One/Wall To Wall Television

Specialist Factual

Alan Bennett and the Habit of Art (The Making Of)

(Martin Rosenbaum, David Sabel, Toby Coffey)

More 4/Lone Star Productions

Flying Monsters 3D

(David Attenborough, Anthony Geffen, Celia Taylor, Sias Wilson)

Sky 3D/Atlantic Productions

Human Planet

(Brian Leith, Dale Templar, Nitin Sawhney)

BBC One/BBC Productions

Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman Town

(Paul Elston, Daisy Scalchi, Richard Bradley)

BBC Two/Lion Television

Single Documentary

Between Life and Death

(Nick Holt, Meredith Chambers, Marina Parker, Ben Brown)

BBC One/BBC Factual Wales

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

(Jamie Doran, Najibullah Quraishi, John Moffat, Mike Healy)

More 4/Clover Films

Pink Saris

More 4/Ginger Productions

Scenes From a Teenage Killing

(Morgan Matthews, Ruth Kelly, Steve Hewlett, Michael Harrowes)

BBC Four/Minnow Films


Come Dine With Me

Channel 4/ITV Studios

Hugh’s Fish Fight

(Andrew Palmer, Will Anderson, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Frankie Fathers)

Channel 4/Keo Films

Mary Queen of Shops

BBC Two/Optomen Television

Pineapple Dance Studios

(Jonathan Stadlen, Pat Doyle, Hannah Springham)

Sky 1/Pulse Films

Current Affairs

Kids in Care (‘Panorama’)

(Simon Gilchrist, Roger Graef, Tom Giles, Clare Johns)

BBC One/Films of Record

Lost Girls of South Africa (‘Dispatches’)

(Deborah Shipley, Brian Woods, Xoliswa Sithole)

Channel 4/True Vision

Secret Iraq

(Eamonn Matthews, Sam Collyns, James Jones, Philippa Lacey)

BBC Two/Quicksilver Media

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

(Jezza Neumann, Zoliswa Sithole, Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley)

BBC Four/True Vision Productions

In the Entertainment category, the nominees are:

The Cube

(Adam Adler, Natahn Eastwood, Andrew Newman, Andrew O’Connor)

ITV1/Objective Productions

The Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton, Jon Magnusson, Graham Stuart, Steve Smith)

BBC One/So Television

Have I Got News For You

Richard Wilson, Jo Bunting, Nick Martin, Mark Barrett

BBC One/ Hat Trick Productions

The X Factor

Andrew Llinares, Mark Sidaway, Nigel Hall, Richard Holloway

ITV1/ Talkback Thames and Syco

Fellowship and special awards will be announced the week prior to the awards ceremony. For a full list of BAFTA television nominees, click here.

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