ZDF Enterprises’ president and CEO renews contract

Alexander Coridass (pictured), president and CEO of ZDF's commercial arm since 1998, has signed on to stay in the position for another five years.
August 22, 2011

Alexander Coridass, president and CEO of ZDF Enterprises since 1998, has had his contract renewed for another five years.

Coridass began working at the German broadcaster in 1985 as a legal expert in copyright and international law. When ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of the broadcaster, was founded in 1993, Coridass was named head of sales and then appointed president and CEO five years later.

“Under the leadership of Alexander Coridass, ZDF Enterprises has become one of the leading players on the global TV market and is extremely well prepared for the challenges of the digital world,” said ZDF director-general Markus Schächter. “Coridass is one of the most highly profiled German media managers at the national and international levels.”

“I am very pleased with the trust placed in me by the shareholders and am very confident that we will continue writing the success story of ZDF Enterprises in the coming years along with my co-CEO Stephan Adrian and our team,” offered Coridass.

ZDF Enterprises says that in the last fiscal year, it recorded sales of €58 million (US$83.6 million).

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