TLC acquires undercover royals

The U.S. net will air Undercover Princes and Undercover Princesses (pictured), which aired in the UK in 2009 and follow international royalty as they trade arranged marriages and pop stardom for speed dating and bar-hopping.
January 19, 2012

TLC has picked up two BBC3 series which documented what happened when single princes and princesses dropped the trappings of royalty to go undercover and date common Brits.

Undercover Princes, which originally aired in 2009, and its sequel Undercover Princesses will air on the U.S. lifestyle net on January 31 and February 28, respectively.

Inspired by the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America, the shows follow royals from India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Germany and Uganda as they cook, clean and shop without the aid of servants; hit bars and clubs; log on to Internet dating; and sign up for speed dating in a quest to find a partner who can see beyond their privileged lifestyles.

The princesses share a house in the heart of Essex’s party scene while the princes shack up in a townhouse in Brighton. To maximize their chances of “hooking-up,” the cast also took low paying jobs cleaning hotels and serving in restaurants.

The cast of Undercover Princes including the openly gay Indian Crown Prince Manvendra of Rajpipla, the conservative Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House, and Sri Lanka’s Prince Remigius of Jaffna. Undercover Princesses starred German celeb Princess Xenia of Saxony, India’s Princess Aaliya of Balasinor, and Ugandan pop star Princess Sheillah of Buganada.

Produced by All3Media-owned Objective Productions and Kalel Productions, each series is four episodes in length plus a one-hour update special that will air on March 27. For more about the making of both shows, check out realscreen‘s 2010 story featuring an interview with creator and Kalel exec producer Nick Parnes.



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