Hat Trick acquires “Scrapheap Orchestra”

Produced by Love Productions, the classical music doc follows a conductor as he challenges a group of instrument makers to recycle junk into symphonic instruments.
March 14, 2012

Distributor Hat Trick International has picked up the rights to Love Productions’ Scrapheap Orchestra, a classical music documentary about a conductor who challenges a group of instrument-makers to turn junk into symphonic instruments.

The 1 x 90-minute (or 2 x 60-minutes) program will be among the distributor’s factual offerings at MIPTV next month, alongside Dinner Date.

Produced by Love for BBC4, Scrapheap Orchestra also delves into the history and science of musical instruments and culminates in a performance of  Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as part of the 2011 Prom concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

“This is an incredible challenge which demonstrates the resourcefulness of some really interesting characters,” said Sarah Tong, Hat Trick’s director of sales. “That, coupled with topicality of the issue of the world’s ever increasing amount of un-recycled rubbish, Scrapheap Orchestra is a pretty intriguing TV concept.”

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