CNBC looks long-term with “The Edge”

The international business network will begin airing The Edge, a series about long-term investment opportunities created by new technology, today (September 25).
September 25, 2013

Business network CNBC will today (September 25) premiere new series The Edge.

The 30-minute series explores the new kinds of long-term investment opportunities that are being created by advancements in technology and will feature the cable and satellite channel’s anchors and reporters, including Ross Westgate, Martin Song, Karen Tso and Carolin Roth.

The first episode focuses on the implications of a driver-less car, as well as the technology behind the prototype vehicle. The series is produced out of the company’s London office and will air monthly on CNBC’s networks in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

“When people think about investing and the markets the focus is often on the short or medium-term,” said John Casey, SVP of news and programming for CNBC International, in a statement. “However, The Edge is about the next big thing and is designed for those looking to get in early for a long-term investment.

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