Collins Avenue signs Vine star Alx James

The producer behind Dance Moms has signed an agreement to develop reality TV content with Vine star Alx James, a former American Idol contestant.
May 6, 2014

Reality TV production company Collins Avenue has signed Vine video starĀ Alx James to an exclusive development deal.

The TV development deal was made in partnership with Content Media Corporation, a film and TV distributor that also owns 50% of L.A.-based Collins Avenue.

James, 22, first appeared on the six-second app last July, and now ranks as Vine’s fifth-most popular profile with some five million followers. He has done campaigns for brands like Sonic Restaurants and Ritz Crackers, and competed twice on American Idol.

Collins Avenue, the producer of Dance Moms and American Stuffers, appears to be impressed with James’ reach on social media: half-a-million followers on Instagram; 50,000 Facebook fans; 72,000 subscribers on YouTube; and more than 180,000 followers on Twitter.


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