Sean Bean to host Waterloo special for History UK

The Game of Thrones actor (pictured) will host a two-hour documentary special about the Battle of Waterloo that is due to air in the UK on History next June.
December 11, 2014

Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean (pictured) is to host a two-hour documentary about the Battle of Waterloo for A+E Networks UK.

The Battle of Waterloo presented by Sean Bean (working title) will air in the UK on History in June to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle in which the French emperor Napoleon and his army were defeated by Anglo-allied forces.

The doc will incorporate records of eyewitness accounts and expert analysis to piece together a ground-level view of the historic battle. Bean will also run-down and test the weapons and tactics that led to the outcome of the battle as well as compare them with modern-day warfare strategies.

Bean has a long-standing connection to the Napoleonic era. In 2006, he reprised his role as the fictional British soldier Richard Sharpe in the TV series Sharpe, which originally premiered in 1993 and was set during 1809 to 1819.

UK indie Wavelength Films pitched the project to A+E Networks UK with Bean attached. “His interest in this period makes Sean Bean the perfect choice to present this special program,” the prodco’s managing director, Patrick McGrady, said in a statement.

The special has been picked up by History in Germany, Latin America, Italy, Iberia, Australia and New Zealand. Filming will take place in England and Belgium this month.

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