Shine Australia CEOs stepping down

Shine Australia CEOs Mark Fennessy (pictured, right) and Carl Fennessy (left) are to step down from their roles later this year.
April 2, 2015

Shine Australia CEOs Mark Fennessy (pictured, right) and Carl Fennessy (left) are to step down from their roles later this year.

According to a release issued by Endemol Shine Group, the move follows negotiations with the company “regarding the pair’s future beyond their existing contract.” Both execs – who, prior to joining Shine Australia, launched FremantleMedia Australia – are to carry out duties on the current slate of programming before exiting.

Endemol Shine Group plans to create a combined Shine and Endemol business in Australia later this year, with details about a structure, leadership and start date set to be announced in the coming months, following an ongoing consultative process helmed by Martha Brass, co-CEO of international operations for Endemol Shine Group.

Until then, both Shine Australia and Endemol Australia will continue to operate independently.

“Mark and Carl have built Shine Australia into a great business for which they deserve much credit, but I understand and am  respectful of their decision to move on at this juncture,” said Sophie Turner Laing, CEO of Endemol Shine Group, in a statement.

“They truly deserve a break before deciding what their longer-term future holds and we wish them the best for whatever that may be,” the exec continued. “We continue to explore the best way for two talented, brilliant teams in Australia to come together, the plans for which we look forward to announcing in the forthcoming months.”

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