Alfred Haber inks global sales for “Top 20 Funniest”

Alfred Haber Distribution has secured a number of international sales for TruTV's comedic reality series Top 20 Funniest (pictured).
April 20, 2015

Alfred Haber Distribution has secured a number of international sales for TruTV’s comedic reality series Top 20 Funniest (pictured).

The 38 x 60-minute series – which features viral videos, home movies, surveillance clips and news bloopers – has been sold to Paramount (Spain), AXN Holdings (Southeast Asia), Radio y Televisora (Brazil), Sky Italia (Italy), Turner (Latin America), SBS (Netherlands), Pt. Television (Indonesia) and SBS Discovery (Finland).

Elsewhere, Top 20 Funniest has been renewed by Channel 5 (UK), Foxtel (Australia), GMA (Philippines), SBS Discovery (Sweden) and Viacom (Africa). The series is also set to return to TruTV for a third season, premiering in May.

“This unique series has proven to be an unexpected hit for us in the international marketplace,” said Alfred Haber, president of the titular distributor, in a statement. “Our recent renewals and sales for Top 20 Funniest prove once again that comedy – artfully produced – travels well around the world.”

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