C4 signs up for “Nineties,” “Mania” and “Other Half”

Series and specials on the UK's high-end wedding industry, mental health disorders and a look back at the Nineties are all headed to UK pubcaster Channel 4. (Pictured: Caroline Castigliano boutique)
May 19, 2015

Series and specials on the UK’s high-end wedding industry, mental health disorders and a look back at the Nineties are all headed to UK broadcaster Channel 4.

Among three recent commissions by Channel 4 is a two-part mental health series tentatively titled My Mania and Me. Produced by CB Films, the series is to examine the lives of six people with uncontrollable urges to set fires, gamble, have sex, shop, steal or have bursts of anger.

The series will follow people suffering with the aforementioned conditions – all of which are forms of Impulse Control Disorder or ICD – and chronicle their attempts to confront and stop the urges. My Mania and Me will also feature expert interviews with those studying ICD. The series was commissioned by Channel 4 features commissioning editor Kate Teckman.

Elsewhere, the broadcaster has signed on for the hour-long doc How the Other Half Wed (working title) from Firecracker Films. The film – set to air later this year – examines Britain’s high-end wedding industry through the lens of elite couture bridal designer Caroline Castigliano.

“This is a show that smuggles you into one of the most important moments in a woman’s life: finding her wedding dress,” said Anna Miralis, Channel 4 commissioning editor for documentaries, in a statement. “It is a fascinating insight into an elite world – a chance to see behind the doors of one of the most exclusive bridal boutiques in the country and see exactly how the other half wed.”

Finally, Channel 4 has commissioned the 90-minute doc Turn Up…The Nineties (w/t), which is to chart the decade’s highlights in British music, art, fashion, film, TV and politics. Produced by Inside the Gangsters’ Code firm Nerd TV, the special is to feature contributions from Jarvis Cocker, Irvine Welsh, Alex James, Robert Carlyle, The Happy Mondays and Massive Attack, among others.

“From house music in the clubs to Air Huaraches in the front window of Nike town, the Nineties are everywhere,” said Jeremy Lee, executive producer for NERD TV, in a statement. “Nerd TV is proud to be working with Channel 4 to produce this 90-minute special that is a timely look at a decade that rewrote the rules of fashion, art, music and politics and defined a generation.”

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