Muse cooks up marijuana edibles doc

Canadian broadcaster CBC has picked up a film on marijuana edibles from Muse Entertainment for its Documentary channel. (Pictured: Grass Fed principal, comedian Mike Paterson)
June 22, 2015

Canadian broadcaster CBC has picked up a film on marijuana edibles from Montreal-headquartered prodco Muse Entertainment for its Documentary channel.

Titled Grass Fed, the feature doc – directed by Montreal filmmaker Ezra Soiferman – traces the legalization of marijuana edibles, first in California and Colorado and most recently in Canada, where the Supreme Court in June legalized the use of marijuana edibles for medical purposes.

The case for marijuana edibles – which include cannabis-infused brownies, oils and teas, among others – is illustrated in the film through Montreal actor and comedian Mike Paterson (pictured), who treats his debilitating back pain with a marijuana- and hemp-infused diet. The film was shot in Montreal, Smiths Falls (Ontario), Los Angeles, Denver and Cancun.

Muse Entertainment specializes in both scripted and unscripted titles, and its factual offerings include JFK: The Smoking Gun, Sky Jumpers and March to the Pole.

“When we first set out to make Grass Fed, only dried marijuana was permitted for patients,” said producer Jesse Prupas in a statement. “We had to travel to Colorado and California to find legal edibles. Never did we imagine the Supreme Court would legalize edibles here in Canada, too. Timing-wise, we struck gold and the film will integrate the court’s decisive ruling into its story arc.”

Grass Fed is to debut on the CBC this fall.

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