Keshet Int’l opens gaming division

The Israeli producer-distributor has launched a mobile and social gaming venture with former head of operations Ziv Rabinovich (pictured) at the helm.
October 23, 2015

Israeli producer-distributor Keshet International has launched a gaming venture with former head of operations Ziv Rabinovich (pictured) at the helm.

Under Rabinovich’s purview, the new division will be responsible for the creation, development and production of mobile and social gaming products for the consumer market while servicing third-party clients.

The venture will operate as an independent and international unit expected to leverage Keshet’s experience, platforms and brands to create a core user-base that will drive the global roll-out of products to the market.

Prior to boarding the company in 2013, Rabinovich served as director of content at Playcast Media Systems, a cloud-based games-on-demand system for cable and IPTV operators recently acquired by GameFly; and as manager of interactive game channels and portal at HOT.

Rabinovich will report to Keshet CEO Alon Shtruzman.

“We have been quick to embrace the second screen and a move into gaming is a logical next step. With a global market of over US$11.4 billion up for grabs, we are keen to harness the power, creativity and tech know-how of the Keshet brand to enter it,” Shtruzman said in a statement.

Rabinovich added: “Launching a gaming division within the creative Keshet environment, along with its backing and infrastructure, gives us the opportunity to develop, test and fine-tune our products locally, driving traffic to them via our well-established channels before launching them in other international markets.”

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