C4 books Airbnb special from Outline

The UK pubcaster has commissioned a one-off from Outline Productions on the phenomenon around rental site Airbnb. (Pictured: Airbnb: Dream or Nightmare?)
May 25, 2016

UK pubcaster Channel 4 has commissioned a one-off from Outline Productions exploring the popularity of rental site Airbnb.

Airbnb: Dream or Nightmare? (pictured) will feature statistics on how London and the UK have become one of the fastest-growing markets for the website. The special will also explore the impact Airbnb has had on the British housing market.

In addition, the hour-long doc will document the positive experiences had by hosts and users of the site, as well as stories of rentals gone wrong, from houses ruined by parties to prized possessions being stolen.

“Most of us have considered, or already used Airbnb to book rooms and with new tax incentives allowing you to keep more money from letting a room out, more people will be using it in the future,” said Laura Mansfield, MD of Outline Productions, in a statement. “This is a really timely look at not only individual experiences but also how the incredible growth in lettings sites like Airbnb is having a big impact on our cities.”

Airbnb: Dream or Nightmare? is produced and directed by Anouk Curry and exec produced by Bridget Boseley, director of programs at Outline Productions. C4 commissioner Siobhan Sinnerton ordered the one-off.


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