Nat Geo, Raw TV prep “No Man Left Behind”

Due to premiere in the U.S. and globally on June 28, the six-part series recounts stories of soldiers and federal agents trapped behind enemy lines.
May 26, 2016

National Geographic Channel has set a June air date for a Raw TV-produced series on soldiers and federal agents fighting to survive in hairy situations.

The six-part No Man Left Behind uses archival footage, reenactments and personal testimony to recount stories of pilots shot down, covert operations that went awry and soldiers trapped behind enemy lines.

The premiere episode, entitled “The Real Black Hawk Down,” recounts the story of two Black Hawk helicopters that were downed during a battle in Somalia between U.S. special forces and Somali militia. The incident previously inspired Mark Bowden’s 1999 book Black Hawk Down and Ridley Scott’s feature film of the same name.

Other episodes in the series include the story of a NATO soldier in a Nighthawk stealth fighter who was shot down over Serbia; a British Special Air Services Operative separated from his squad in an Iraqi desert; and DEA Special Agents in Colombia whose intelligence mission ended in a bloodbath.

No Man Left Behind premieres on the U.S. cable net and on global National Geographic Channels on June 28 at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST.

Mark Lewis served as executive producer for Raw TV and Robert Palumbo exec produced for the network.

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