CBS Reality examines “Encounters with Evil”

The British factual entertainment channel will co-produce the 10-part true-crime series in partnership with ITN Productions and backing from TCB Media Rights.
September 21, 2016

British factual entertainment channel CBS Reality UK will co-produce the 10-part true-crime series, Encounters with Evil, in partnership with ITN Productions and TCB Media Rights.

The series is set to air in the UK in November 2016, and in Poland and Africa later in the year. Each themed episode will bring viewers face to face with the world’s most infamous killers. From psychopaths and cult leaders to kidnappers, the programs explore the minds of those convicted of the world’s most notorious violent crimes.

The series draws upon archive footage, combined with new insights and analysis as well as interviews with those closest to the cases. Each episode looks at a number of key cases and a panel of experts examine and reveal what drove each killer to commit their crimes.

One of the subjects of the program is British mother of two Joanna Dennehy, who, over the course of two weeks in 2013, murdered three men and attempted to kill two others.

Another episode focuses on Stephen Farrow, who, on Feb. 14, 2012,  murdered Rev. John Suddards in his vicarage near Bristol in what appeared to be a ritualistic killing. Delving into Farrow’s psyche, the experts will piece together the motive behind the murder.

“Drawing upon ITN’s extensive archive we have been able to bring an immediacy to these horrific crimes while also providing a new perspective on their motivations and the personal history that shaped them. Encounters with Evil enables audiences to look into the eyes of a killer and, armed with a new perspective, judge them for themselves,” said Ian Russell, head of international programming for ITN Productions, in a statement.

The series will be exec-produced by Russell and produced by Nick Kenton, and is distributed beyond the UK and Europe by TCB, which provided financing for the co-production.


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