Discovery’s Hispanic networks reveal new slate of programming

Discovery U.S. Hispanic networks’, Discovery en Español and lifestyle-focused  Discovery Familia, upfront slate has more than 1,000 hours of content for its television and digital platforms, including a new series on ...
May 16, 2017

Discovery U.S. Hispanic networks’, Discovery en Español and lifestyle-focused  Discovery Familia, upfront slate has more than 1,000 hours of content for its television and digital platforms, including a new series on the hunt for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s fortune.

New shows for Discovery en Español include Alex Vega’s Auto Firm, featuring Vega, who customizes cars in his Miami shop; Bushcraft: el arte de sobrevivir, which takes audiences into the growing subculture of bushcraft builders who compete with one another; Clandestino: latinos en el corredor de la muerte, a new special about Juan Balderas, a Mexican accused of killing a gang member in Houston, Texas; and in Los millones de Escobar (pictured), whwew two former CIA officers go hunting for Escobar’s rumored buried estate.

Discovery Familia’s Padres primerizos follows four couples as they experience the ups and downs of new parenthood, and interior designer Antonio Ballatore builds special spaces for his clients’ pets in Casa animal. 

Below is the full slate of new Discovery Familia and Discovery en Español titles courtesy of Discovery.

Discovery en Español Series and Specials

Al estilo Alex Vegas  (8×60)

Alex Vega’s Auto Firm stands alone in the industry as the go-to, one-stop for celebrities and car enthusiasts alike.  All under one roof in Miami, FL, cars are transformed from the inside out into highly unique works of art at a rate of over 40 customizations a month in his Miami shop.  An admitted perfectionist, Cuban-American Alex is uncompromising in his vision, hand-picking his in-house team of specialists to handle big and small jobs for all clients including builds for Lady Gaga, Floyd Mayweather and Marc Anthony.

Bushcraft: el arte de sobrevivir (6×60)

Bushcraft is the ability not just to survive in the wild but to build shelter, fire and tools from only what nature provides. This growing trend, called primitive technology online, has more than 40M views.  Across the country an emerging subculture of elite bushcraft builders organically compete with one another to determine who can truly build-to-survive anywhere.

Oscuridad al límite (6×60)

In a new twist, participants in this survival series will attempt to locate each other, find and ration food and water, all while finding a way out of the darkness. They’ll need to work together to overcome hallucination, sleep deprivation, spatial and temporal disorientation and extreme social tensions and environments.

Confesiones mortales (10×60)

What if you could be a fly on the wall for the most chilling conversations in the history of crime? What if you could hear these conversations, word for word, exactly as they really happened? What if you could experience evil verbatim? Evil Talks puts you in the room for the most intense exchanges ever documented.

Pueblo infernal (1X120)

A story inspired by a real event that spawned questions for decades about why the federal government completely evacuated a small town in Ohio in 1974. Rumors regarding why the town was evacuated include massive, mutation-causing chemical spills; the town becoming plagued by paranormal activity, and the town being overrun by satanic cults.

Clandestino: Medellín, la ciudad del pecado (1×60)

Tommy has travelled to Medellin to have a whale of a time. Together with his five friends, he will pretend to be the master of the world for a week. They have hired an agency that offers the full package: women and drugs are included in the price. Like Tommy, thousands of tourists from Europe, North America and Israel visit Medellin every year attracted by this easily accessible combo of prostitution and drugs that’s making the local authorities go crazy.

Clandestino: latinos en el corredor de la muerte (1×60)

Juan Balderas is Mexican and has been accused of killing a gang member in Houston, Texas. The accusation is based on the testimony of a witness that apparently saw it all. Since then, he has been a prisoner in isolation for 11 years. With no human contact and without seeing daylight, he spent eight years waiting to testify to a judge only. He claims he is innocent.

Semana del Tiburón

The most anticipated summer event returns to Discovery en Español with new shark programming which includes Great Whites of Madagascar, Great White Serial Killer Revealed, Sharks? Among Us and Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer, among other titles.

Los millones de Escobar (6×60)

At one time the most wanted man on the planet, Pablo Escobar, buried masses of his estimated $50 billion fortune all over Colombia. Now, two former CIA case officers are partnering together with the original DEA agents made famous in Narcos to hunt for the cash.

Discovery Familia Series and Specials

La diosa del pelo (6×60)

Christina Oliva built a hair extensions empire from the ground up in Staten Island, NY. Now she’s taking her family business to the next level with a salon in the heart of Manhattan. But chasing her dream in NYC is proving a lot harder than she expected.

Padres primerizos (6×60)

Padres primerizos follows four couples experiencing the challenges and joy of new parenthood. Whether it’s the demands of quadruplets, a volatile unmarried relationship, pushy extended families, or work/life balance, this new series examines how baby changes everything.

Casa animal (9×60)

Antonio Ballatore is an interior designer who always designs and builds something extra special for his clients’ pets.

Almas gemelas (8×60, 1×120)

Six single men and six single women will move into a luxury estate with the intent of finding their spouse. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Each person will have six roommates of the opposite sex- all attractive, employed, and above all – everyone is there for the same reason. They want to be married, culminating each week with either an accepted proposal or an eviction.

Pequeño amor (6×60)

Pequeño amor follows four to five little people in unique subcultures or lifestyles who are on the ultimate quest to find true love.

Amor a ciegas (3×60)

Amor a ciegas offers a surprising new twist on the dating show format where a single lady will spend a day in the life of three potential suitors via POV camera fixed to each man, so that she will never see what they look like. She’ll decide who she likes based on the day, then meet all 3 bachelors, where we will reveal which one she chose.

El sanador (6×60)

A documentary series chronicling the life and work of Charlie Goldsmith, an energy healer from Melbourne, Australia. Charlie had kept his gift of healing a secret until recently, as both he and the medical community do not understand his power and healing ability. Now that the world is learning of his gift to heal, Charlie has droves of celebrities and civilians reaching out for his unique skills. And even the most skeptical amongst them is blown away by his work.

No te lo pongas: México (10×60)

Fashionistas ambush a style felon nominated by family and friends and offer that person $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe — if he or she will throw out their current wardrobe and agree to be critiqued. The participant’s makeover also includes grooming and makeup.

Vestido de novia T14 Colombia (18×30)

Colombian re-version of Say Yes to the Dress where staff members of premier bridal salon Kleinfeld, help brides-to-be find the perfect wedding dress.

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