Avi Armoza on Formagination’s Realscreen West debut

On June 5, international formats competition Formagination makes its debut at Realscreen West in Santa Monica. The competition, created by Israeli formats powerhouse Armoza Formats, is a unique format competition ...
March 26, 2019

On June 5, international formats competition Formagination makes its debut at Realscreen West in Santa Monica. The competition, created by Israeli formats powerhouse Armoza Formats, is a unique format competition and an international launching pad for international creativity, open to anyone with a great format idea.

Realscreen spoke with Armoza Formats founder and CEO Avi Armoza (pictured) about the competition and bringing it to Realscreen West 2019.

Tell us about Formagination and the intent behind it. Why did you create it and what does it do for both Armoza Formats and the formats business?

As a company, we believe that it is our responsibility to stimulate innovation in the industry and Formagination was created to do just this. For seven years, we highlighted the incredible talent of the local industry within Israel, and have since gone international, as innovative and unique ideas can come from anyone and anywhere in the world.

Formagination is different from other pitch competitions because it takes a practical stance – we not only provide a platform for creativity but also work hard to turn the winning ideas into a successful reality in the industry. Therefore, the whole Formagination process revolves around finding shows that can be launched to the market, not just those that stand out on an abstract level.

Why did you want to bring it to Realscreen West this year? What do you hope to see in terms of North American and international involvement this time around?

Though there is a lot of large-scale development happening in the U.S., it has traditionally been geared towards the internal U.S. market. Recently many have started to look into opportunities overseas; however, they aren’t able to break out to the international market. Using Formagination as a launchpad, we hope to give these people a gateway to international opportunities.

Because of all this we strongly believe that Realscreen West is the perfect home for Formagination. And the fact that Realscreen West is geared towards bringing creative forces and talents to engage with each other further creates the ideal setting for this competition.

What are some of the recent successes or projects that have emerged thanks to Formagination?
Through the platform that Formagination provides, we have identified many strong ideas and worked with the creators to develop several hit formats. For example, in 2016 we launched Marry Me Now, a factual entertainment format presented at Formagination 2015, which has just been commissioned for a third season in South Africa and also aired in Germany and Russia, among other key countries, and Sex Tape, a 2016 finalist, is set to air on the UK’s Channel 4 in the next few months and aired on Belgium’s VIJF where it helped the channel become the second most-viewed broadcaster.

Three prizes will be awarded at the live presentation of Formagination at Realscreen West, as follows:
● 1st place winner: up to US$25,000 which shall be awarded in two stages ($5,000 for further development of the format, and up to $20,000 to shoot a pilot if approved for production), as well as one (1) registration to Realscreen Summit 2020, which takes place January 27-30, 2020 in New Orleans.
● 2nd place winner: an Entertainment Master Class module scholarship and one (1) registration to Realscreen Summit 2020.
● Audience favorite: one (1) registration to Realscreen Summit 2020.

The prizing above does not include travel and lodging expenses. Full prize details can be downloaded and reviewed within the competition rules and regulations.

The formats eligible for the competition should include the following criteria:
● Genre: non-scripted format (no scripted formats or children’s programming will be accepted, cross genre elements are possible)
● ‘Game-changing’ Concepts – fresh and creative ideas that create a buzz and stand out, no matter the genre or the type of show it is.
● Unique Format Elements – what are the distinct elements that make up the DNA of your concept? Make sure to highlight what sets it apart from other formats—whether it’s the studio, mechanics, set, gameplay, or visual elements.
● It’s repeatable and adaptable – a truly successful format can sustain multiple seasons across different countries.

The deadline for entries is April 8, 2019. For more information and details on how to enter, click here.

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