Spring slates: Blue Ant Int’l adds NHNZ titles to roster; Red Arrow Studios Int’l picks up factual series

Blue Ant Int’l releases spring slate, including NHNZ content Global distributor Blue Ant International, a division of Toronto-headquartered Blue Ant Media, released its spring slate Wednesday (March 11), including more than 60 ...
March 11, 2020

Blue Ant Int’l releases spring slate, including NHNZ content

Global distributor Blue Ant International, a division of Toronto-headquartered Blue Ant Media, released its spring slate Wednesday (March 11), including more than 60 hours of content across tent-pole categories including documentary series, factual entertainment and specialist factual.

The slate includes the documentary Hate Crime: Uncensored (1 x 60 minutes;  Zeppelin Films), which features testimony about and footage from a variety of religious and racist hate crimes that have taken place on Britain’s streets. The film reveals “an uncensored look at the offensive, abusive and racist language and behavior that occurs every day.”

Ultimate Supercar (6 x 60 minutes; Cry Havoc Productions) goes behind the scenes to offer an insider look at the design, engineering, manufacturing process of “high-end, high-performance supercars.” Each episode explores how these remarkable machines come to life and the hidden engineering secrets they use to push the boundaries of speed and technology.

Other titles forming Blue Ant International’s spring slate include Pridelands: Wilderness Reborn (1 x 60 minutes; Alleycats), in which viewers join the Hutchinson family as they transform a derelict farm in South Africa from a place where animals are hunted to “a land where animals rule”; and Amazing Animal Friends (6 x 60 minutes; Oxford Scientific Films), which reveals “surprising” animal friends from around the world.

Malawi Wildlife Rescue (pictured; 6 x 60 minutes; Icon Films), meanwhile, is an observational docuseries that follows the work of American veterinarian Amanda Salb and her colleagues at Malawi’s only wildlife rescue center. Shot during the African country’s rainy season, the team cares for injured and abandoned animals until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

In other news, Blue Ant International has taken over distribution activity for more than 70 hours of blue-chip programming from global natural history and factual production house NHNZ, based in New Zealand. Blue Ant Media acquired NHNZ in 2017.

The agreement bolsters the company’s catalog of specialist factual with titles such as Extreme Animals (4 x 60 minutes), a series that takes a look at the most extreme personalities and behaviors in the animal kingdom; Inside the Pack (1 x 60 minutes) an inside look at the survival skills and power struggles within wild animal packs; and Siberia’s Wild Year (1 x 60 minutes), which reveals the challenges animals face in Siberia’s unrelenting winter.

Other titles include seasons one and two of China From Above (4 x 60 minutes), which takes viewers on an exploration of China; seasons one and two of World’s Deadliest Seasons (7 x 60 minutes), which reveals the struggle that species face to survive; Wild Peru: Andes Battleground (2 x 60 minutes), about the animals that live in the country’s diverse habitats; and Mexico Untamed (3 x 60 minutes) a series that follows animals surviving in the rugged landscapes of Mexico.

Red Arrow Studios Int’l adds factual titles to spring/summer slate

Red Arrow Studios Int’l has secured global distribution rights for three factual shows as part of its spring and summer 2020 slate.

New titles joining the company’s non-scripted roster are The Secret History of World War II, Life 2.0 and How Factories Changed the World.

A production for UK broadcaster Channel 5 and Histoire in France, The Secret History of World War II (6 x 60 minutes; Woodcut Media) explores the “hidden” stories of the war through first-hand accounts, recreations and expert interviews.

Anthology factual science series Life 2.0 (11 x 22 minutes; Steve Rotfeld Production for Fox in the U.S.), meanwhile, takes a deep dive into topics such as the future of human life extension, the rise of ‘cyborgism’ and the transformative impact of virtual reality, revealing some “mind-blowing” scientific breakthroughs.

Finally, factual history series How Factories Changed the World (5 x 50 minutes; Wildbear Entertainment for NTV in Germany), explores the rise of the factory over the ages.

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