The 2021 Canadian Screen Awards non-fiction nominations are here

As award season continues undeterred by the ongoing pandemic, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television has released the nominee list for its 9th annual Canadian Screen Awards. In all, there will ...
March 30, 2021

As award season continues undeterred by the ongoing pandemic, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television has released the nominee list for its 9th annual Canadian Screen Awards.

In all, there will be 141 awards (excluding fan choice and special awards) given out during a seven-part, genre-based series of presentations streamed live on — as well as the Canadian Academy Twitter and YouTube channels — from Monday, May 17, 2021 through Thursday, May 20, 2021.

The Canadian Screen Awards were created in 2012 with the merger of the Gemini Awards (television) and Genie Awards (film); its first ceremony hosted by Martin Short in 2013. While nicknames for the award have included “Candy” (after the iconic comic-actor John Candy), thus far there is no official moniker such as Oscar. However, “Screenie” has been cited most often in the media.

The 2021 nominations were chosen by members of the Canadian Academy and by nominating juries, conducted virtually with representatives from the film, television and digital media industries. The membership, consisting of 2,375 members, will cast their votes between Tuesday, March 30, 2021 and Friday, April 16, 2021 to determine the winners.

“As we look forward to brighter days, we are honored to celebrate the momentous achievements of the 2021 Canadian Screen Award nominees and their creative works with Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast,” Beth Janson, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television said in a statement.

The list of nominees in the documentary, reality, lifestyle and factual genres are listed below, with credits supplied by the Academy. For a full list of nominees, click here:

Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary

The Forbidden Reel – Ariel Nasr, Sergeo Kirby, Kat Baulu, Annette Clarke

Stateless – Michèle Stephenson, Jennifer Holness, Lea Marin, Anita Lee, Joe Brewster, Sudz Sutherland

Wandering: A Rohingya Story | Errance sans retour – Mélanie Carrier, Olivier Higgins

A Woman, My Mother | Une femme, ma mère – Claude Demers

The World is Bright – Ying Wang, Jian Ping Su, Jordan Paterson

Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary

Jean-Philippe Archibald – The Free Ones | Les libres

Glauco Bermudez, Mark Ó Fearghaíl – Influence

Kiarash Sadigh – Nahanni: River of Forgiveness

Renaud Philippe, Olivier Higgins – Wandering: A Rohingya Story | Errance sans retour

Ryan A. Randall – Workhorse

Best Editing in a Feature Length Documentary

Jonah Malak – Dave Not Coming Back

Natacha Dufaux – The Free Ones | Les libres

Peter Roeck – The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

Natalie Lamoureux – A Woman, My Mother | Une femme, ma merè

Lawrence Le Lam – The World is Bright

Best Short Documentary

CHSLD – François Delisle

êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines – Alexandra Bailey, Theola Ross

Jesse Jams – Trevor Anderson, Alyson Richards, Alexandra Lazarowich, Penny Frazier, Kim Hsu Guise, Lizzy Karp, Christina Willings

Mutts | Clebs – Halima Ouardiri

Sing Me a Lullaby – Tiffany Hsiung

Best Reality/Competition Program or Series

Battle of the Blades - CBC (CBC) (Insight Productions Ltd.) Sandra Bezic, John Brunton, Lindsay Cox, Erin Brock, Mark Lysakowski

Canada’s Drag Race – Crave (Bell Media) (Saloon Media/Blue Ant Studios) Michael Kot, Laura Michalchyshyn, Betty Orr, Mike Bickerton, Pam McNair, RuPaul Charles, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell, Randy Lennox, Tracey Pearce

Dragons’ Den – CBC (CBC) (CBC) Tracie Tighe, Molly Middleton, Yette Vandendam

The Great Canadian Baking Show (pictured) – CBC (CBC) (Proper Television) Cathie James, Lesia Capone, Marike Emery

Wall of Chefs – Food Network Canada (Corus Entertainment) (Insight Productions Ltd.) John Brunton, Mark Lysakowski, Eric Abboud, Erica Lenczner, Sarah James

Best Lifestyle Program or Series

Carnival Eats – Food Network Canada (Corus Entertainment) (Alibi Entertainment) Jennifer Horvath, James Hyslop

Mary’s Kitchen Crush – CTV (Bell Media) (Proper Television) Cathie James, Lesia Capone, Allison Grace, Garrett Wintrip

Property Brothers: Forever Home – HGTV (Corus Entertainment) (Scott Brothers Entertainment Inc.) Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott, Jane Van Deuren, Josie Crimi, Katherine Buck, Kim Bondi, Sarrah Sayami

Restaurants on the Edge – Cottage Life (Blue Ant Media) (Marblemedia) Matthew Hornburg, Mark J.W. Bishop, Courtney Hazlett, Steven Marrs, Donna Luke, Rob Brunner, Justin Harding, Nick Liberato

Scott’s Vacation House Rules – HGTV (Corus Entertainment) (McGillivray Entertainment / House Rules Productions Inc.) Scott McGillivray, Angela Jennings, Robert Scott

Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Program

9/11 Kids – documentary Channel (CBC) (Saloon Media/Blue Ant Studios) Steve Gamester, Michael Kot, Betty Orr, Elizabeth St. Philip

Above the Law – CBC (CBC) (Lost Time Media / Big Cedar Films) Geoff Morrison, Marc Serpa Francoeur, Robinder Uppal

Assholes: A Theory - documentary Channel (CBC) (John Walker Productions Ltd. (A Rude Film Inc.)) Ann Bernier, Annette Clarke, John Walker

Meat the Future – documentary Channel (CBC) (LizMars Productions Inc.) Liz Marshall, Janice Dawe, Chris Hegedus

The Walrus and the Whistleblower – documentary Channel (CBC) (Bunbury Films Inc.) Frederic Bohbot, Nathalie Bibeau

Best History Documentary Program or Series

Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust History – (Corus Entertainment) (Saloon Media/Blue Ant Studios) Steve Gamester, Michael Kot, Sam Sniderman

Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade – documentary Channel (CBC) (Associated Producers Ltd. / Cornelia Street Productions) Simcha Jacobovici, Samuel L. Jackson, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Ric Esther Bienstock, Sarah Sapper, Yaron Niski, Eli Selden, Rob Lee, Felix Golubev, Tara Jan

Fight to the Finish History – (Corus Entertainment) (2727800 Ontario Inc. / 52 Media Inc.) David York, Bryn Hughes, Barry Stevens

Unabomber: In His Own Words – Discovery Channel (Bell Media) (yap films) Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian

Witches of Salem – T+E (Blue Ant Media) (Saloon Media in association with Talos Films) Julian P. Hobbs, Julie Chang, Elli Hakami, Michael Kot, Tara Elwood, Stephen Kemp

Rob Stewart Award for Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series

Be Afraid: The Science of Fear – CBC (CBC) (90th Parallel Productions Ltd) Gordon Henderson, Stuart Henderson, Rita Kotzia

Pass The Salt – CBC (CBC) (Markham Street Films) Judy Holm, Michael McNamara, Aaron Hancox

She Walks with Apes – CBC (CBC) (Grand Passage Media Inc.) Mark Starowicz, Caitlin Starowicz

Striking Balance – TVO (TVO) (Striking Balance 2 Inc.) Yvonne Drebert

Takaya: Lone Wolf – CBC (CBC) (Cineflix (Takaya) Inc.) André Barro, Martin Williams, Cheryl Alexander, Bruce Whitty, Kim Bondi, Gaby Bastyra

Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series

Aging Well Suzuki Style – CBC (CBC) (Rezolution Pictures) Alan Handel, Liam O’Rinn, Daniel Morin, Philippe Chabot

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell – CBC (CBC) (Not A Real Company Productions, Inc.) Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Amy Segal, Andrew Barnsley, Fred Levy, Sally Catto, Trish Williams, Greig Dymond, Brad Schwartz, Elizabeth Allan-Harrington, Gabrielle Free

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists CBC (CBC) (CBC) Romeo Candido, Andrew D’Cruz, Mercedes Grundy, Lise Hosein

David Foster: Off the Record – CTV (Bell Media) (Melbar Entertainment Group) Randy Lennox, Barry Avrich, Jeffrey Latimer, Gary Slaight, Caitlin Cheddie

There Are No Fakes – TVO (TVO) (Cave 7 Productions Inc.) Jamie Kastner, Laura Baron Kastner, Mark Anthony Jacobson

Best Documentary Program

Company Town – CBC (CBC) (EOTL Productions) Peter D. Findlay, Mark Johnston, Amanda Handy

Finding Sally – documentary Channel (CBC) (Catbird Films, Inc) Tamara Mariam Dawit, Isabelle Couture, Katarina Soukup

Hockey Mom – CBC (CBC) (Hockey Mom Films Inc) Teyama Alkamli, Andrew Moir

The Internet of Everything – CBC (CBC) (EyeSteelFilm) Brett Gaylor, Bob Moore, Mila Aung-Thwin, Daniel Cross

They Call Me Dr. Miami – documentary Channel (CBC) (MC2 Communication Media) Jean-Simon Chartier

Best Factual Series

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan – Smithsonian Channel Canada (Blue Ant Media) (Cream Productions) David W. Brady, Kate Harrison Karman, Matthew Booi, Simon George

The Detectives – CBC (CBC) (WAM Media GRP Inc.) Petro Duszara, Scott Bailey, Debbie Travis, Hans Rosenstein, Jennifer Gatien

Good People – documentary Channel (CBC) (SakaMedia Inc.) Naveen Prasad, Vanessa Case, Mark Sakamoto, Tom Stanley

Wild Archaeology – APTN (APTN) (5432 Pale Fox Pictures) Tracy German

You Can’t Ask That – CBC (CBC) (Productions Pixcom Inc.) Izabel Chevrier, Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune, Sylvie Desrochers, Jacquelin Bouchard

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