Wide-Eyed Entertainment searches for “Dark Matters”

U.S. net Science has commissioned the London-based prodco to produce a six-part series called Dark Matters: Twisted But True (pictured), hosted by Fringe and Lord of the Rings actor John Noble.
August 11, 2011

U.S. net Science has commissioned London-based prodco Wide-Eyed Entertainment to produce a six-part series called Dark Matters: Twisted But True (pictured), hosted by Fringe and Lord of the Rings actor John Noble.

The series profiles history’s most bizarre experiments – including attempts to crossbreed humans and apes, zombie investigations, and head transplantation studies – and premieres on August 31, at 10 p.m. EST.

With three experiments per episode, Dark Matters uses CGI recreations to bring to life moments of science on the fringe.

Dark Matters: Twisted But True offers a fascinating insight into moments of scientific history where individuals went to extreme measures to achieve a breakthrough,” said Debbie Adler Myers, general manager and executive VP of Science. “It’s impossible to turn away from these true stories that you always assumed were just outlandish urban legends.

“This is real science – just the dark side of it, featuring brilliant minds who eventually took a dramatic turn. John Noble is the perfect tour guide to escort viewers through this bizarre world of research gone horribly wrong, but that in some cases, actually led to technology and science that we use today.”

Jasper James, CEO of Wide-Eyed Entertainment, added that the show was “visually striking and sets a new tone for factual – a fantastically edgy series for Science that at its heart has compelling stories well-told.”

The series is exec produced by Dan Gold and Jasper James and series produced by Alex Marengo at Wide-Eyed Entertainment.

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