Sweden, Denmark play “Fair & Square”

Keshet International has signed format deals in Sweden, Denmark and Finland for Fair & Square, a factual entertainment format in which service and repair professionals are put to the test.
November 2, 2012

Keshet International has signed format deals in Sweden, Denmark and Finland for Fair & Square, a factual entertainment format in which service and repair professionals are put to the test.

The global distribution arm of Keshet Media Group has licensed the format to production company Nice Entertainment Group for Sweden and Finland, and Nordisk Film TV for Denmark.

Fair & Square is hosted by an undercover journalist who is looking to have actual repair work done. Dishonest technicians are caught on camera, while workers who act professionally and offer great service are praised.

The series is on season three in Israel, and is produced by Kol-Miney Productions for Keshet.

The deals follow Keshet International selling its musical talent format Master Class to Nice Entertainment for Sweden and Norway and to an undisclosed broadcaster for Hungary.

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