“Follow the Leader” lands on PBS

The documentary following three high school class presidents with larger political aspirations has gained a June 30 airdate on the U.S. pubcaster.
May 13, 2013

Follow the Leader, a documentary following three high school class presidents with larger political aspirations, has gained a June 30 airdate on U.S. pubcaster PBS.

PBS will air the documentary at the end of its PBS/WGBH series ‘America ReFramed,’ with repeat airings set for the week of July 4.

The U.S. television premiere follows its digital release on iTunes and a nationwide release on crowdsourcing web platform Tugg on June 1. Cinedigm Entertainment Group and New Video will launch the film widely on further digital platforms on July 9. Levitt’s production company Changeworx USA and international distributor DR Sales in Copenhagen have also made broadcast deals in 10 territories, including Japan’s NHK and the UK’s Channel 4.

Directed by Jonathan Goodman Levitt, the film, also known as Young, American and Right and a former realscreen MIPTV Pick, follows 16-year-old students Ben, D.J. and Nick over three years as they begin to rethink their political affiliations, and features President Barack Obama, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Follow the Leader and our wider events campaign aims to increase cross-partisan dialogue, decrease political polarization, provoke thoughtful consideration of American inequalities, and encourage a conversation about tomorrow’s leaders in new and provocative ways,” said Levitt.

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