Tricon joins hunt for “The Slippers”

Toronto-headquartered Tricon Films & Television has signed on to produce and distribute director Morgan White's The Slippers (pictured), a feature doc about the iconic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.
April 29, 2015

Producer Tricon Film & Television is trying to find Dorothy’s missing ruby slippers.

The Toronto-headquartered company has signed on to produce and distribute director Morgan White‘s feature documentary The Slippers (pictured), which is investigating the heist of Judy Garland’s iconic ruby slippers from the 1938 film The Wizard of Oz.

The 90-minute doc traces the history of the slippers after production wrapped until one of the four pairs used in the movie was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2005.

White has teamed up with private investigators from Minneapolis-based Alexander and Associates to solve the crime and has launched an Indiegogo campaign called #SaveTheSlippers to raise the US$45,000 he needs to complete the investigation.

“The shoes are a direct connection to both Oz and the idea that there is no place like home, and like so many fans who love the film and appreciate Hollywood collectibles, I’m hopeful that this part of cinematic history will be recovered,” White said in a statement.

The team at Alexander and Associates is close to solving the case, according to the producers, but has run out of money and needs to do more interviews and surveillance to determine the location of the missing shoes. The 30-day campaign runs until midnight on May 26.

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