Science Channel launches “Secret Space Escapes”

U.S. net Science Channel has set a November launch for the ITV Studios America-produced Secret Space Escapes (pictured).
July 31, 2015

U.S. net Science Channel has set a November launch for its Secret Space Escapes (pictured).

Produced by ITV Studios America, the series will offer an in-depth look at the dangers and challenges of space exploration. Episodes will recount stories in which astronauts relied on science, training and mission control employees to survive disastrous accidents and outages, launches, space walks and landings. The series will intertwine rare and unreleased footage with first-hand re-tellings of near misses and collisions from missions as recent as 2013.

Secret Space Escapes will feature exclusive interviews with a host of explorers including Robert Curbeam, who recounts being covered in toxic ammonia flakes when a module valve malfunctions; Scott Paraznski, who recalls attempting to improvise repairs on a 90-foot arm; and cosmonaut Boris Volynov, who survived the crash landing of the 1969 Soyuz 5 capsule.

Vincent Kralyevich and Patrice Andrews serve as executive producers for ITV Studios America, with Neil Laird and Rocky Collins exec producing for Science Channel. Lindsey Foster Blumberg is listed as producer for the network.

Secret Space Escapes will bow on Science Channel November 10 at 10 p.m. EST/PST.

“The personal stories of the astronauts in Secret Space Escapes have never been seen like this before on television,” said Science Channel GM Rita Mullin in a statement. “These men and women have pushed space exploration forward with each mission, and their stories will haunt, entertain, educate and inspire.”

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